Ragnarok 2 Sorcerer FS (Full Support) Skill And Stat Build

Hello Dear Asgardians,Today i will share my Sorcerer FS(Full Support) Build

Stat Build:
-40/40 INT/AGI
-50/25 AGI/INT (i prefer to this stat build coz  trust me higher equipment gives more INT than AGI)

Agi is important for bonus crit heal and its chance to get critical

Skill Build:


sorcerer fs

As you can see in this skill build it has 7 skill points left, beacause i just spent skill points into the main FS skill its all up to you to spent the 7 skill points left.

but as for me this is my skill build:



Well you must be have some questions when you see this build right .. dont worry i’ll explain
Why Fire Bolt lv 5? Because Fire Bolt is stronger then Cold Bolt (Fire bolt lv5 = 49% fire damage,Cold Bolt lv5 = 37% ice damage), since i didnt lvl my lightning tree so i didnt lv cold bolt as my main damage, so i prefer to fire damage as my main damage, and its very important when you soloing.

Why Fire Bolt Mastery lv3? Well you will always spam Fire Bolt to kill the mob, so when using Fire Bolt you have a chance that the next Fire Ball is an instant cast.

Why Rejuvenation lv1? Because it has a cast time delay so i prefer to Healing Wave

I tell you one more thing it is important to have Earth Arms lv5(Maxed), Earth Shield lv5(Maxed), Soul Binding lv3(Maxed), Land of Recovery Lv5(Maxed) and Deluge lv5(Maxed)
why? Because peoples really loves these support skills trust me 😉

You can build your own here: http://www.ro2skillsim.com/


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